Roots of Asia




Inspiring Tours in Asia
We take you off the beaten track to discover a new way of travelling in Asia. Nourish your soul and feel the magic of Asia. We promote eco-friendly and mindful travel. We are based in Northern Thailand, but also organize trips in Bali, Nepal and Cambodia.
Explore Asian culture in an authentic and unique way. Trek through remote local villages, cycle along green rice fields and end the day with a rejuvenating traditional massage.
Revitalize yourself on retreat, living in nature and mindful practices such as Qigong and meditation. 
Immerse yourself in distinct ways of living in Asia, from a simple bamboo hut to Traditional Thai style hotel. 
Relax at a tropical beach on the Thailand Explorer & Bali Spirit Tour.  
Slow travel and the relaxed Asian lifestyle will inspire you.


We are a registered International Travel Agent by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. TAT-license: 21/005653