We take you off the beaten track to discover a new way of travelling. Green Mindful travel. Nourish your soul and feel the magic of Asia.

What we do:

We promote eco-friendly and mindful travel. Explore Asian culture in an authentic and unique way. We offer the folowing tours:


Bali Spirit Tour:   Travel through Bali in a unique way. Discover the authentic Balinese culture and nature. This 10 day Tour, which can be personally adjusted, is ideal to get to know Balinese village life, relax at the beach and experience the real culture. Read more about the Bali...

Untouched Thailand: Travellers connect with our way of travelling, because we offer very personal, honest and flexible Programs. You can choose to let us organize your whole trip or part of it. Read more about the different tours we offer in Thailand. Nature Adventure … Green Mindful Tour… Pai...


Nepal Explorer:   We have travelled extensively in Nepal so we know most trekking areas. The Gorepani 12 day trek, please contact us if you would like see other trekking areas. This trekking doesn’t require any fitness level. However, the traveller needs to be in good health and have a...

 Asian culture in an authentic and unique way. Trek through remote local villages, cycle along green rice fields and end the day with a rejuvenating traditional massage.


Revitalize yourself on retreat, living in nature and mindful practices such as Qigong and meditation.


Immerse yourself in distinct ways of living in Asia, from a simple bamboo hut to Traditional Thai style hotel.


Relax at a tropical beach on the Thailand Explorer & Bali Spirit Tour.


Travel Slow and the relaxed Asian lifestyle will inspire you.

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