We take you off the beaten track to discover a new way of travelling. Green Mindful travel. Nourish your soul and feel the magic of Asia.

What we do:

We promote eco-friendly and mindful travel. Explore Asian culture in an authentic and unique way. We offer the folowing tours:


Bali Spirit Tour:   Travel through Bali in...

Untouched Thailand: Travellers connect with our...


Nepal Explorer:   We have travelled...

 Asian culture in an authentic and unique way. Trek through remote local villages, cycle along green rice fields and end the day with a rejuvenating traditional massage.


Revitalize yourself on retreat, living in nature and mindful practices such as Qigong and meditation.


Immerse yourself in distinct ways of living in Asia, from a simple bamboo hut to Traditional Thai style hotel.


Relax at a tropical beach on the Thailand Explorer & Bali Spirit Tour.


Travel Slow and the relaxed Asian lifestyle will inspire you.

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