About us


We are very passionate about Asia and our Tours reflect the love we have for Asia.
We travel in small groups so we can take you off the beaten track and share intimately the magic of Asia.


Our story:

We are very aware of the devastating consequences of mass-tourism on ecology, local culture and mindset. For this reason we have researched and travelled throughout Asia for many years to find places and people that share our vision of responsible tourism. Our vision is to create a ‘green and mindful’ tourism in Asia that benefits the local people and nature. At your request, we are pleased to share information about local-community based projects that we support and our way of travelling; eco-friendly responsible travel.


Khun Bussaba (Noi)

Noi makes you feel at home at the Sunflower Lodge. She has poured her energy and heart into creating this homestay. The hot springs, contact with nature, and local village life will be highlights of this Village stay.
Khun Gert (Cat)

Gert lives in Chiang Mai and is inspired by the connection between body and mind. After graduating as a Physical Education Teacher in Belgium, Cat combined teaching Physical Education with organizing Off the beaten Track trips in Asia. Throughout the last 10 years her focus has shifted from conventional sports to the practice of Qigong and Yoga. We also organize Women only Tours.
Khun Pat

Pat is an experienced trekking guide with more than 10 years experience. He will lead you through the jungle and show you different hill tribe villages. You can tell he grew up in the jungle where he feels home. He will gave you an unforgettable jungle adventure.