Create your own Tour

You can create your own tour which accomodate your personal objectives and requirements.

We have been organizing Private Tours for couples, families, groups of friends for the last 9 years. Please have a look at our Group Tours and Activities (see below) that we offer and we will help you create your Tour. Many travellers connect with our way of travelling, because we offer very personal, honest and flexible Programs. You can choose to let us organize your whole trip or part of it. The price will depend on the goup size and program selected.

For specific questions and more information please contact us.

Experience authentic Thai culture and village life by bicycle. Cycle along green paddy fields, visit local handicrafts, temples or relax at the lake.
Akha Village stay. Experience Hill Tribe village life near Doi Chang mountain – Chiang Rai. You are invited by the Hill Tribe villagers to stay overnight at their house. Our Akha guide will take us for a long hike & explain more about Hill Tribe culture. Enjoy the scenic ride to ‘Doi Chang’ mountain, this high altitude area is famous for the best coffee of Thailand. See how coffee berries grow, get dried and roasted.
Jungle Trek. We hike through remote Hill Tribe villages. Our trekking guides know the jungle like the back of their hands and will spoil you with their delicious jungle-made meals. We stay overnight in a Hill Tribe hut and discover local customs and traditions.
Village Stay. At the Sunflower Lodge, Noi, our host will make us feel at home. You can explore the local village, visit the hot springs, float on the creek or just relax in the garden. The dining hall is half-open air and has a stunning view over the lush green hills.
Qigong course in Chiang Mai or at the Sunflower Lodge. Our aim is to equip you with a personal practice to take home. You will notice that a day started with Qigong, just feels different. Qigong are chinese exercises for balancing body and mind. For more info on Qigong, please read more under the menu-item ‘Qigong’.
Chiang Mai Tempel tour & Boat trips on the river. We can arrange local guide and tranport for you to discover Chiang Mai’s most important tempels. Experience local Thai life along the banks of the Mae Ping river.
Accommodation in Chiang Mai. We can book a room in this Thai- style hotel with beautiful garden and swimming pool. You will instantly feel the Thai hospitality here.
Accommodation in Bangkok. Thai-style hotel, which is located centrally within a university campus. Discover the friendliness and openness of Thai students, explore the city or just relax at the swimming pool.
We can arrange night train tickets. It is a nice, comfortable and eco-friendly way of travelling. Watch the sun set behind the green hills as you leave Chiang mai for Bangkok on the night train.
We provide detailed travel manuals for different destinations such as Bangkok, Koh Samet, Koh Phangan, Phang-gna Bay, the Pai- Maehongson-Maesariang Loop. For all these destinations we can put you in contact with locally owned Guesthouses or Community based Homestays.