Why do the Tours start in Chiang Mai?

We choose to start our tours in Chiang Mai because it is a smaller city and the hotel where we stay is the ideal place to relax after your long flight. People who like to explore the ancient cities, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, can travel up North to join the group on the Arrival Day. Local buses and trains are very reliable and it is a nice way to get in contact with the local people.


What if we arrive early or leave later from Bangkok?

No worries, if you let us know in advance, we can make a reservation in the same hotel where we will stay with the group, or make futher recommendations. The hotel we will stay at is located centrally in a nice, quiet area.


What is the earliest time that we can book our return flight on the final Sunday?

You can choose any time, but keep in that traffic in Bangkok can be hectic. Please be careful, most flights leave Bangkok at night, if you flight time is for example 00.15 on the 16th, this means you need to check-in on the 15th!


Is travel insurance compulsory?

Yes, local insurance companies are more expensive and do not cover international emergency evacuations. Your flight center can help you with your travel insurance.


We would really like to join one of the Tours, but our time is limited. Is it possible to book for the first week only?

Yes, you are able to join part of the Tour. We need to know this at the time of booking, so we can arrange your night train to Bangkok on a separate date. Please contact us for more information.


What is the climate like and when is the best time to visit Thailand?

There are three different seasons in Thailand, every season has its own beauty. November to February is the cool season, this is the most popular time of the year for tourists. Daytime temperatures are between 20 to 25° C. The temperature starts to rise in March. April and May are the hot summer months. In June the first rain starts to fall, the rainy season lasts until the beginning of October. During and after rainy season everything is colorful, fresh and green. The weather is unpredictable and can be sunny for days or non-stop rain.


What should I bring for the Hill Tribe trek?

You are able to buy most trekking gear and toiletries here in Thailand. We recommend that you bring good sandals or walking shoes from your home country. In rainy season, paths can be slippery. Nights and mornings can be cool from November to February. We will provide blankets, mosquito nets, biodegradable soap and shampoo. At the simple Hill Tribe hut, there are no sheets available, so you may wish to bring along a sleeping sheet or sleeping bag for winter nights.

Sleeping bags are for rent for € 5.


Is it safe to drink the water?

Do not drink the tap water becaue it is not filtered. Most Thai people on not drink tap water. Filtered and bottled water is widely used available. You can safely refill your water bottles at local refill stations. Don’t worry too much about the ice that is served in restaurants, as it usually comes from government inspected ice factories.


What is the accommodation like?

In Bangkok we stay in a nice hotel with a swimming pool. It is located on a University Campus, a quiet place with gardens and local restaurants. The Sunflower Lodge and Nature Lodge, in a Northern Thai village have nice rooms where you feel at home. The Lodges are surrounded by nature and scenic mountain views. In Chiang Mai, we stay in a Thai style hotel with swimming pool and beautiful garden. During trekking we stay overnight in a simple Hill Tribe hut with basic toilet and shower facilities.


What kind of transport do we use?

We will try out many different forms of transport. In Bangkok you will be able to use local transport (bus and boat) as well as taxi and longtail boat. We travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai by comfortable night train. In North Thailand we will mainly use local busses and Songtaews – a local taxi service.