Qigong & Mindfulness

Qigong mindfulness program Recharge in nature. You will notice that a day started off with Qigong just feels different. This Qigong program is included in the Green Mindful Tour. We offer an introduction Qigong session in every tour, those interested can learn the whole sequence in 5 sessions. Our aim is to equip you with a personalized exercise program for daily practice. You will be introduced to the theoretical background of Qigong and its relationship with Acupressure, on which Thai massage is based. We choose to teach Qigong and Qiyoga in an authentic Thai village outside Chiang Mai because we like to attract nature lovers, looking for Eco-tourism.
What is Qigong?

Qigong are chinese exercises for strengthening and balancing body and mind. Qigong means cultivation ‘gong’ of energy ‘Qi’. Besides revitalizing the body, Qigong calms the mind by its soft movements, visualizations and direct contact with the nature. There are many different styles of Qigong, we will practice Dao Yin, which focuses on deep abdominal breathing and self-massage. The soft movements stimulate the blood circulation to the internal organs. By absorbing nature’s energy we restore the harmonious energy flow within our body. This energy flow boosts the immune system, repairs damaged cells and balances emotions. If this flow is disrupted, illness or pain may occur.
Although Qigong was created in China & Yoga in India, they both find their roots in Life force Energy (Qi – Chi or Prana) which enables us to connect within. Most of the time, our mind is entertained and focuses on the outside world, as a result we disperse our ‘Qi’ or energy. During Qigong (often spelt Chi kung) we bring our attention inside our body, so we can use this ‘Qi’ to replenish and harmonize body and mind.

Regular practice of Qigong:

  • Balances emotions
Eases chronic pain
  • Brings mental clarity
Boosts the immune system
  • Promotes self-love & confidence
Helps to put things into perspective

What is the difference between Qigong and Tai chi?

Tai chi is a ‘martial art’, the routines are more difficult to memorize and learn. In the East, martial arts practitioners incorporate Qigong into their practice, because they understand the importance of an ‘empty mind’. Qigong is not a martial art, it was developed to restore mental clarity and health. Qigong, as Acupuncture, is a branch of Chinese medicine.
‘If the mind is calm, the heart listens’

Why Qiyoga ?

From a Qigong practitioners view, there is an interest to perceive and understand how the ‘Qi’ or energy flow is affected during different asanas or Yoga postures. We deepen our understanding of the common elements of Qigong and Qiyoga. Calming and controlling the mind, relaxing the body, regulating breath and movement during the different asanas. This type of Yoga doesn’t require any yoga experience, flexibility or fitness level. We focus on body awareness and work within our own personal limits. We also apply Acupressure in the form of self-massage and music to get more in touch with our bodies.

Acupressure – Thai massage

Acupressure and Acupuncture are based on the same principles, meridians and pressure points. Meridians are channels through which vital energy or Qi runs. The energy flow through these meridians or energy lines can become interrupted or blocked by stress, anger or disease. Through pressing specific pressure points we can manipulate and rebalance this energy flow.
Qi and Prana (yama)
Qi and Prana are the same, life force or energy. In Yoga (India) they use the word ‘Prana’, in China ‘Qi’. Pranayama is usually translated as breathing exercises, because breath is closely related to the state of your Qi or Prana. Through breath regulation we rebalance our internal energy system.

Natural healing

Qi follows the mind.

In pain, we instinctively bring focus our mind on the painful body part, Qi will follow and a natural healing process will take place. This Qi, or ‘life force energy’ will mobilize the immune system and repair damaged cells. Whereas conventional sports lead to consumption of energy, Qigong and Qiyoga gather and rebalance the energy within our body.