Have a look at these traveller’s reviews sharing their personal experience travelling with us:


“This trip has expanded my horizon and my personal limits have been pushed. Your wisdom and perspective on life have inspired me. May the land of the smiles be an unlimited source of fresh courage to you.” Valerie


“This trip has opened my heart and my mind. It was a truly amazing experience in all ways and I want to thank you for being you. You are truly passionate about this wonderful country and its people. And most importantly you are a breath of fresh air in the often commercial travel industry. Indeed, instead of exploiting the local people you aim to empower them. And this you also do with your group. You brought out the best in each of us and helped us find our ‘true selves’.” Angela


“I like to thank you for the fantastic trip. It exceeded my expectations! I will take these good memories home. The stunning nature and the friendly people will forever be in my heart. Thank you for the beautiful and fun moments.” Kim
“Thank you for the unforgettable journey. You showed us the real Thailand. I want to wish you the best in all you undertake.” Catherine


“In July I did a 3-week group journey the 2 guides of Roots of Asia, who did an amazing job. The whole concept was exploring “the real Thailand” by means of Eco-tourism.  The majority of the trip was spent far away from the typical touristy areas so we could be submerged in honest, authentic Thai culture and visit authentic locations, often we were at locations where seeing a group of white folks is not common. We’ve been at unique authentic temples, stayed with various locals and Hill Tribes, shared meals with them, took the same transport they did. At one point an entire village collected their bikes so we could borrow them to do a bike trip through rice fields and some of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen. We’ve had plenty of beautiful moments during those 3 weeks. Like visiting the home of one of the local Thai who built his entire house out of clay, by himself and some friends, or visiting the ancient temple where our guide got married, in a forest in the hills, it was the most beautiful temple of the entire trip, but no other tourists go there because it’s not really known (and should probably be kept that way).

This has been a great experience: I’ve seen cultures so respectful of nature and each other, living by values I’ve been trying to apply at home – but being frowned upon in our western society because we’re so brainwashed by consumerism, which was beautiful and heartwarming.” Dieter


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